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General Contracting and Construction Management

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Jonathan B. Wright

Director of Real Estate Development

Caritas Communities

“With the work completed ahead of schedule and under budget, we never encountered any of those expected challenges. Your work was performed seamlessly and without any stress.”

James M. Thornhill, AIA


Project Architect


Bowdoin Geneva III

“Landmark has consistently displayed the highest level of management, construction ability and cooperation. They have proven adaptable when faced with unforeseen circumstances or project changes and always work in the Owner’s best interests. Their knowledge of construction is unsurpassed and continually suggest means by which to make the final result the highest possible quality. As a result of these outstanding qualities, I highly recommend Landmark Structures Corp.”

Lisa Kozol

Director of Real Estate Development

Lawrence Community Works

"It was clear early on that Landmark Structures was as committed to making this project a reality as we were. This project had its share of difficult moments, but Landmark pushed forward and made it happen in our timeframe and within our budget."

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