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Pre-Construction Services

The best possible start to their projects … where visions, concepts and designs become reality.

  • Preliminary budgeting, estimating & subcontractor bidding

  • Construction management proposals

We consider and provide the design team with advice regarding the key logistics issues for the project, the most appropriate phasing of work, any temporary work solutions required, and the best procurement strategy to accomplish the end objective. In many ways this service is the most value-added phase in the development of the project.

General Contracting and Construction Management

Landmark Structures develops a team approach to General Contracting and Construction Management whereby all contributing parties function as a unified team with a single shared objective. On-going collaboration and communication between owner, architect, engineers and the Landmark project management team ensures that the focus never strays from cost-effective completion — on time, within budget.

Construction Management provides a “fast track” approach to the construction process resulting in an earlier start of construction - often prior to the completion of the design.  As a risk sharing, professional form of contract, construction management offers maximum flexibility for changes to the customer, with cost implications fully known.


The design-build project delivery approach integrates the knowledge, creativity, and experience of the design and construction professions from the beginning of a project, building efficient constructibility into the design from day one, and typically, getting projects in service much sooner than the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method.

Design-build transforms the Architect and Engineer's design into the construction phase faster than any other delivery method and ensures that the focus stays on cost-effective completion - on time and within budget.

Value Engineering

Whether the project challenge is large or small, we protect our customer’s interest by giving sound cost advice to the unique needs of each project.  Extensive experience and an excellent knowledge of construction costs, means and methods allows us to give our customers the most value for the least expense working within up-to-date building code requirements, the latest engineering technologies along with environmental sustainability.

Our team will propose options throughout construction for the owner/architect to consider reducing cost or shorten construction duration, without changing the design intent or reducing product performance.

Green Building

Landmark Structures is a member of the non-profit organization United States Green Building Council (USGBC).  The USGBC receives our support and in return we have access to cutting edge information and technology that protects the environment, can provide economic benefits and can improve the quality of life and reduce health risks for the building occupants. Most of Landmark Structures' project managers are LEED Accredited. Landmark has completed several LEED certified projects including the first Massachusetts Platinum Certified mid-rise multi-family project, Cabot Street Homes, in Beverly, MA.

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